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About Us...

Vision/Mission and Core Values Statement
The aim for registering the organisation was to carry out development activities towards the holistic development of the marginalised and deprived section of the society. The aim was to reach out to the person standing last in the line. The organisation dreams of a day when food, clothing and shelter is provided to all living in India. Education reaches to those children who are seen on the streets begging for alms and a morsel of food. Homes are provided to the elderly ailing and making arrangements for shelters on the pavements. Medical aid is provided to people residing in the remotest corner of the country. Till the time we are able to live in a just society the hard work shall not stop.


  • Enacting as inhibitor for violence against women.
  • Combating poverty through promotion of entrepreneurship among women.
  • Achieving parity in education at various level with higher retention rates among girls.
  • Increasing literacy rate among women through functional literacy.
  • Empowering women in decision making.
  • Boosting indicators of Maternal Health.
  • Achieving food security for reducing hunger.
Area of Work
Organization primarily reaching out to rural, sub-urban agrarian population of Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Major project base of the organization is in the National Capital region of Delhi.
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